19 The Story of How Pat Flynn Became a Keynote Speaker

Internet Marketing Pioneer Pat Flynn shares his personal story on how he went from a breakout session speaker to a keynoter in just 2 short years. Pat is a t…
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http://www.chroniclesofstrength.com This is the first installment of “The Nincompoops Guide to Hardstyle Kettlebell Snatch Mastery”. In this section, I cover…
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21 Responses to 19 The Story of How Pat Flynn Became a Keynote Speaker

  1. What The Speak says:
  2. William Ward says:

    Exceptional tutorial! Thanks Pat!

  3. George Angel says:

    One of the best explanations on the subject, well done and thank you.

  4. John Parker says:

    Great video Pat Flynn. I’m preparing for my Strongfirst certification in 2
    weeks and am having problems with my calluses. I am going to try the “free
    fall” technique to catch it in my fingertips. Many thanks!

  5. Jeff Marder says:

    Really great and thorough video! Thank you for the clear explanation and
    excellent tips!

  6. Rick Harris says:

    Nice breakdown, is that a 24k DD bell? I ask because I like the idea of
    letting the bell slip on the way down to the fingers..but I can’t get many
    reps in before the fingers give. I might need to do my swings with the bell
    in that position to build some strength.

  7. Pat Flynn says:

    Thanks for hanging out on the webinar! Drop a line if you have any other
    questions about the kb snatch and good luck!

  8. shoeshinemorad says:

    Fantastic Vid, well done mate. I find it hard to finish at the top of the
    movement with a diagnal bell. The kettlebell usually stays horizontal like
    at 7:00 min mark of the vid, I can’t seem to fix this part.

  9. cdc0186 says:

    this is amazing, i want this dude as my trainer! i have never heard such
    thorough explanation. and very well spoken. thankyou!

  10. Rick Boynton says:

    I finally understand the snatch with the sequencing of the high pull into
    the movement. Excellent use of video to teach.

  11. sarahsarahstevens says:

    Fantastic tutorial, easily one of the if not the best on youtube. Thank you
    for this

  12. Rick Elliott says:

    Proper form demystified ! Great job!

  13. sGsApoc says:

    Most complete tutorial iv seen. Keep it up!

  14. Kaina Gladden says:

    simply awesome tutorial!! especially with the grip reference.. I am well
    was now that i watched your video a callus ripper lol not major but after
    about 50 it starts.. THANK YOU!!

  15. pax41 says:

    Good instruction here, wish you lived close to coach. I have been learning
    KB but my coach doesn’t do one on one instruction. I let the KB slide in my
    hand but find it still jerks my shoulder some. Also, the high pull part was
    new to me. Is this standard or just your technique?

  16. Karl MacPhee says:

    Great video. I’m happy to see that I am teaching the snatch using the same
    progressions. One another note, do you pay attention to which hand you are
    demonstrating with on a regular basis? I noticed that throughout the video
    you used the right hand. I am the same way, and have to consciously switch
    to make sure I keep things even.

  17. OKCKettlebells says:

    Very nice tutorial. I’m curious about the flooring in your gym. I am
    building a home with a 700 sq ft gym and need flooring that will handle KBs
    and Oly lifts. Can you tell me what kind of flooring you have? Thanks, Steve

  18. Paulretta says:

    Fabulously complete instruction. Thank you, I think this will help me get
    this one down. And I think it was the best video I found to help me with my

  19. Nick Baker says:

    The best tutorial I’ve seen yet.

  20. pheonix1754 says:

    Hey,,Pat Flynn.Just finished the Webinar,had to lookup the snatch
    tutorial.Great info on webinar,and you even mentioned my name and answered
    my question.(that was cool).thanks for the info,gonna do a coupla snatches
    now.much appreciated.

  21. jenisha shrestha says:

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    can help you get the body you deserve.

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