Podcasting Tutorial – Video 2: My Top 10 Recording Tips

Podcasting Tutorial - Video 2: My Top 10 Recording Tips

http://www.smartpassiveincome.com – This is the second video in a series of videos I’m creating to help you get your podcast up and running. In this video, I…
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Find out more on http://businessofarchitecture.com/yt . In Pat Flynn was let go from the architecture firm where he worked as an intern. After unsuccessfully…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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27 Responses to Podcasting Tutorial – Video 2: My Top 10 Recording Tips

  1. Up4DsnTV says:

    Great video. Very helpful tips. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Hang The Bankers says:

    What camera do you use Pat?
    It’s awesome quality.

  3. Sirena Mafnas says:

    love the paper app! 

  4. Clay Lamb says:

    You are great instructor!
    Thank you for simplicity 

  5. PegLeg Mediax says:

    great videos! Any tips when recording 2 people like in Good Mythical
    Morning? Need a special mic? keep the same setup just turn the mic volume
    up and put it between the 2 people?

  6. Juan Medina says:

    wow ! thanks man.. very much this videos are very helpful, i want to create
    a podcast for the game i play , and your videos rille going to help me a
    lot thanks. =) 

  7. Actualizing Self says:

    Thanks Pat for these tips! Really helpful to get started with our podcast.

  8. Levi Stenson-Jones says:

    Thanks man :)

  9. Marcos Gazzana says:

    Great tips! Thanks for taking the time to produce such a cool tutorial!

  10. TeamTRlFORCE says:

    Great tips. Thanks.

  11. Austin Barton says:

    What’s a tip if you have 2 people recording? Like Howard and Robin. Do they
    need to be in different rooms? Run through a mixer?

  12. Jason Malmstrom says:

    Pat, great job, who does your video editing to put these trainings
    together? Thanks for the connection and information.

  13. Ideas Kevin says:

    There is Genius in Simplicity.
    Clear, Concise, How To Advice.
    You have motivated me to do a podcast.

    I was wondering what program did you use to create the video that has the
    hand writing fonts that appear as you are talking? It doesn’t look like
    Power Point.

    You have been a BIG Help.

    Thank You

  14. BetaDirect says:

    What kind of Pen/Pencil is that in your hand you were waving in the video?

  15. denzelswifey86 says:


  16. Jun Han says:

    Pat, Good stuff. Very helpful

  17. Andrew Pyrah says:

    “Once you go red, you never go back” nice :)

  18. Jeff Patterson says:

    Thanks Pat for the great video.

  19. Joseph Augustin says:

    Pretty Link must be an automated way to add 301 redirects. Great info Pat.

  20. akagodofheaven says:

    which software & hardware are you using for this screen/live scribe ? iPad

  21. Katie McCarthy says:

    Pat, you are a lifesaver. Thank you so much!

  22. Pat Flynn says:

    Good call – thanks!

  23. Pat Flynn says:

    iPad, using Reflection to Mirror onto my iMac and recording with
    Screenflow. The software is called “Paper” by FiftyThree.

  24. Steve Sanders says:

    Hey Pat, I really like these podcast videos. I’m learning a lot and thanks
    for sharing. I have a quick question. What camera do you use for the
    podcasts you’re recording. As I was watching this video I thought to myself
    “this video is very clear”

  25. Onder Hassan says:

    Awesome video Pat. By the way, what slideshow program did you use to
    narrate your video? It’s pretty awesome.

  26. Kevin D. Ammons says:

    I stumbled upon Pat after Googling “passive income online” a few weeks ago.
    His site and his postings are awesome at first glance. However, it was the
    architectural connection (I, too was let go in November of 2008) that I
    discovered in his “About” page that caused me to start following him. He
    knows his stuff. And I thank you (and him) for sharing with the Business of
    Architecture audience. kda

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